Our Lady of Refuge Church is a catholic church in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Erected as an Apostolic Vicariate, separating from the Diocese of Colombo in 1845, which is now a suffragan Diocese. In 1886, it was promoted as the Diocese of Jaffna. This diocese was made out of the present Diocese of Jaffna, Diocese of Trincomalee, Diocese of Batticaloa, Diocese of Anuradhapura and the Diocese of Mannar.


  • Most Rev. Dr. Justin Gnanapragasam

Diocesan Director of Education

  • Rev. Fr. Xavier Winstou James

Notable Schools

Name Year Location Age
Holy Family Convent 1845 Jaffna 175
St. Patrick’s College 1850 Jaffna 170
St. Anthony’s College 1872 Kayts 148
St. Henry’s College 1877 Illawalai 143


  • Most Rev. Dr. Orazio Bettacchini OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1849 – 1957
    St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna
  • Most Rev. Dr. John Semeria OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1857 – 1868
    St. Mary’s College, Trincomalee
    St. Joseph’s College, Trincomalee
  • Most Rev. Dr. Christopher Bonjean OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1868 – 1883
    St. Xavier’s College, Mannar
    St. Anthony’s College, Kayts
    St. Michael’s College, Batticaloa
    St. Henry’s College, Illawalai
    Holy Family Convent, Anuradhapura
  • Most Rev. Dr. Andrew Melizan OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1883 -1893
    No prominent schools
  • Most Rev. Dr. Henri Joulain OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1893 – 1919
    St. Joseph’s College, Anuradhapura
  • Most Rev. Dr. Juless-Andrew Brault OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1919 -1923
  • Most Rev. Dr. Alfred John Guyomard OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1924 – 1950
  • Most Rev. Dr. Jerome Emilianuspilai OMI, Bishop of Jaffna from 1950 -1972
  • Most Rev. Dr. Baaastianpillai Deogupillai, Bishop of Jaffna from 1972 -1992
  • Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Savundranayagam, Bishop of Jaffna from 1992 – 2015
  • Most Rev. Dr. Justin Gnanapragasam, Bishop of Faffna from 2015 –