1. A teacher must complete a minimum of one year in order to have the permanent appointment given by the General Manager
2. During this time, the teacher must either complete or register for an acceptable teacher training programme
3. If the teacher fails to complete/register for the teacher training programme during the first year, another period of one year will be given, during which time he/she must complete the requirement.
4. It can be further extended for another one year (maximum of 3 years) for the teacher to receive the permanent appointment by fulfilling the requirements, failing which the teacher will have to discontinue from the services.
5. Final interview by the General Manager will be held just before the awarding of the permanent appointment and it is mandatory to pass the interview for the permanent appointment.
6. Any teacher who has the permanent appointment is eligible for the registration in the pensionable cadre unless stopped by a proven guilt or written proof of misconduct by the principal.

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