# Current Name Foundation Name Year Location Denomination
1 Richmond College, Galle The Galle School 1814 Galle Weslyan Methodist Church
2 Janadhipathi Vidyalaya The Matara School 1814 Matara Weslyan Methodist Church
3 Methodist Central College Methodist Central College 1814 Batticaloa Weslyan Methodist Church
4 Union College Common Free School 1816 Thellipalai American Ceylon Mission
5 Newstead Girls’ College 1816 Negombo Weslyan Methodist Church
6 Central College Wesleyan English School 1817 Jaffna Weslyan Methodist Church
7 Christ Church Boys’ School Baddegama Seminary 1819 Baddegama Anglican Church
8 Methodist Girls’ College 1819 Baddegama Weslyan Methodist Church
9 Vincent Girls’ High School Vincent Girls’ High School 1820 Batticaloa Weslyan Methodist Church
10 Sri Jayewardanepura MV Cotta Institute 1822 Rajagiriya Anglican Church
11 St. John’s College Nallur English Seminary 1823 Jaffna Anglican Church
12 Vigneshwara Maha Vidyalaya 1823 Trincomalee Weslyan Methodist Church
13 Methodist Girls’ High School Wesleyan Mission Central School 1823 Point Pedro Weslyan Methodist Church
14 Uduwil Girls’ College 1824 Jaffna Weslyan Methodist Church
15 Vembadi Girls’ High School 1834 Jaffna Weslyan Methodist Church
16 Manipay Memorial English School Manipay Memorial English School 1836 Jaffna American Ceylon Mission
17 Hartley College Wesleyan Mission Central School 1838 Jaffna Weslyan Methodist Church
18 St. Thomas’ College 1844 Matara Anglican Church
19 Holy Family Convent 1845 Jaffna Roman Catholic Church
20 Yasodara Vidyalaya Baptist Girls’ College 1846 Colombo Baptist Church
21 St. Luke’s College St. Luke’s College 1848 Ratnapura Anglican Church
22 St. Luke’s College 1848 Ratnapura Anglican Church
23 St. Patrick’s College Jaffna Catholic English School 1850 Jaffna Roman Catholic Church
24 1850 Jaffna Weslyan Methodist Church
25 St. Thomas’ College College of St. Thomas, the Apostle 1851 Mount Lavinia Anglican Church
26 Uduppidi American Mission College 1852 Jaffna American Ceylon Mission
27 St. Anthony’s College 1854 Kandy Roman Catholic Church
28 St. Anthony’s College 1854 Kandy Roman Catholic Church
29 St. Xavier’s College Parish School 1859 Nuwara Eliya Roman Catholic Church
30 St. Mary’s College 1864 Trincomalee Roman Catholic Church
31 St. Benedict’s College St. Benedict’s Institute 1865 Colombo Roman Catholic Church
32 Methodist College Girls’ English School 1866 Colombo Weslyan Methodist Church
33 Jaffna College Jaffna Collge 1867 Jaffna American Ceylon Mission
34 All Saints’ College All Saints’ College 1867 Galle Anglican Church
35 St. Joseph’s College 1867 Trincomalee Roman Catholic Church
36 St. Anne’s College 1867 Kurunegala Roman Catholic Church
37 St. Mary’s College 1867 Kegalle Roman Catholic Church
38 Good Shepherd Convent 1869 Colombo Roman Catholic Church
39 Pinnawala Central College 1870 Pinnawala Philanthropically initiated
40 Holy Family Convent 1870 Kurunegala Roman Catholic Church
41 St. Joseph’s College 1870 Grandpass Roman Catholic Church
42 St. Xavier’s College Good Shepherd School 1870 Mannar Roman Catholic Church
43 St. Mary’s College 1871 Negombo Roman Catholic Church
44 St. Mary’s Boys’ English School 1871 Pettah Roman Catholic Church
45 Rippon College Whitfield Road Girls’ School 1871 Galle Weslyan Methodist Church
46 Trinity College Trinity College 1872 Kandy Anglican Church
47 St. Anthony’s College 1872 Kayts Roman Catholic Church
48 St. Michael’s College 1873 Batticaloa Roman Catholic Church
49 St. Thomas’ College 1873 Matale Roman Catholic Church
50 Wesley College 1874 Colombo Weslyan Methodist Church
51 Drieberg College Drieberg English School 1875 Jaffna American Ceylon Mission
52 Bishop’s College 1875 Colombo Anglican Church
53 Methodist Central College Methodist College 1875 Hakmana Weslyan Methodist Church
54 Royal National College Nagoda Royal College 1876 Galle Buddhist Theosophical Society
55 Prince of Wales College 1876 Moratuwa Philanthropically initiated
56 Princess of Wales College 1876 Moratuwa Philanthropically initiated
57 St. John’s College Primary State English School 1876 Panadura Philanthropically initiated
58 Victoria College 1876 Chulipuram Philanthropically initiated
59 St. Thomas’ Girls’ College 1876 Matale Roman Catholic Church
60 St. Cecilia’s Girls’ College 1876 Batticaloa Roman Catholic Church
61 Swarnapali Balika Vidyalaya 1876 Anuradhapura Roman Catholic Church
62 St. Henry’s College Roman Catholic Tamil Boys’chool 1877 Illawalai Roman Catholic Church
63 Wariyapola Sri Sumangala College St. Paul’s School 1879 Kandy Anglican Church
64 Girls’ High School Girls’ High School 1879 Kandy Weslyan Methodist Church
65 Tangalle Boys’ School Christ Church College 1879 Tangalle Weslyan Methodist Church
66 Ananda Shasthralaya Kotte Buddhist Mixed School 1880 Kotte Roman Catholic Church
67 St. Lucia’s College 1880 Kotahena Roman Catholic Church
68 Davisamara Vidyalaya 1884 Seeduwa Roman Catholic Church
69 St. Thomas’ Girls’ High School St. Thomas’ Girls’ College 1885 Matara Anglican Church
70 St. Andrew’s College 1885 Puttalam Roman Catholic Church
71 Southlands College Girls’ High School 1885 Galle Weslyan Methodist Church
72 Our Lady of Victories Convent 1886 Moratuwa Roman Catholic Church
73 Dharmaraja College 1887 Kandy Buddhist Theosophical Society
74 Sri Devananda College 1887 Galle Buddhist Theosophical Society
75 Piliyandala Central College 1887 Piliyandala Philanthropically initiated
76 St. Paul’s Girls’ College 1887 Milagiriya Philanthropically initiated
77 Maliyadewa College Kurunegala Buddhist Institute 1888 Kurnegala Buddhist Theosophical Society
78 Christ Church Girls’ College The Girls’ Boarding School 1888 Galle Anglican Church
79 Nelukkulam Kalaimagal MV 1888 Jaffna Philanthropically initiated
80 Kalawana Central College Kalawana Swabasha Mixra Patashalawa 1888 Kalawana Philanthropically initiated
81 Hindu College Native Town High School 1889 Jaffna Philanthropically initiated
82 Good Shepherd Convent 1889 Kandy Roman Catholic Church
83 Sri Rahula College 1890 Kandy Buddhist Theosophical Society
84 Hillwood College 1890 Kandy Anglican Church
85 Rambaikulam Girls’ MV 1890 Vavunia Philanthropically initiated
86 Holy Cross College 1890 Kalutara Roman Catholic Church
87 Kingswood College Boys’ High School 1891 Kandy Weslyan Methodist Church
88 Mahinda College 1892 Galle Buddhist Theosophical Society
89 Zahira College 1892 Colombo Philanthropically initiated
90 Vishaka Girls’ High School Girls’ High School 1892 Badulla Weslyan Methodist Church
91 St. Aloysius’ College 1895 Galle Roman Catholic Church
92 Chundikuli Girls’ College Chundikuli Girls’ College 1896 Jaffna Anglican Church
93 St. Joseph’s College 1896 Colombo Roman Catholic Church
94 Sacred Heart Convent 1896 Galle Roman Catholic Church
95 Koneshwara Hindu College 1897 Trincomalee Philanthropically initiated
96 St. Servatius’ College 1897 Matara Roman Catholic Church
97 St. Aloysius’ College Sts. Peter & Paul College 1898 Ratnapura Roman Catholic Church
98 St. Joseph’s College 1898 Anuradhapura Roman Catholic Church
99 Ladies’ College Ladies’ College 1900 Colombo Anglican Church
100 St. Lawrence’s Convent 1900 Colombo Roman Catholic Church
101 St. Bridget’s Convent 1902 Colombo Roman Catholic Church
102 Holy Family Convent 1903 Colombo Roman Catholic Church
103 St. Peter’s College 1903 Negombo Roman Catholic Church
104 All Saints’ College 1904 Borella Roman Catholic Church
105 De La Salle College 1905 Mutwal Roman Catholic Church
106 Berrevaerts College 1905 Ampitiya Roman Catholic Church
107 Hemali Balika Vidyalaya St. Scholastica’s Convent 1907 Kandy Roman Catholic Church
108 St. Joseph’s College 1909 Bandarawela Roman Catholic Church
109 St. Mary’s College St. Mary’s English Mixed School 1909 Dehiwela Roman Catholic Church
110 Holy Family Convent, Dehiwela St. Mary’s English Mixed School 1910 Dehiwela Roman Catholic Church
111 St. Joseph’s Convent St. Joseph’s Convent Girls’ English School 1910 Kegalle Roman Catholic Church
112 Carey College Carey Baptist College 1911 Colombo Baptist Church
113 De Mazenod College 1914 Kandana Roman Catholic Church
114 St. Anne’s Convent 1920 Wattala Roman Catholic Church
115 Mowbray College 1922 Kandy Anglican Church
116 Maris Stella College 1922 Negombo Roman Catholic Church
117 Maris Stella College 1922 Colombo Roman Catholic Church
118 Infant Jesus Convent 1924 Ratnapura Roman Catholic Church
119 Holy Cross College 1924 Gampaha Roman Catholic Church
120 Little Flower Convent 1927 Bandarawela Roman Catholic Church
121 St. Anthony’s Convent 1927 Mutwal Roman Catholic Church
122 St. Sebastian’ Balika MV 1928 Kandana Roman Catholic Church
123 Good Shepherd Convent 1928 Nayakakanda Roman Catholic Church
124 St. Agnes’ Convent 1930 Balangoda Roman Catholic Church
125 Holy Family Convent 1930 Wennappuwa Roman Catholic Church
126 Christ King College 1930 Pannipitiya Roman Catholic Church
127 St. Gabriel’s Convent 1930 Hatton Roman Catholic Church
128 St. Joseph Vaz College 1934 Wennappuwa Roman Catholic Church
129 St. John Bosco College 1934 Hatton Roman Catholic Church
130 St. Paul’s Balika Vidyalaya 1935 Kelaniya Roman Catholic Church
131 Ave Maria Convent 1938 Negombo Roman Catholic Church
132 St. John’s College 1939 Dematagoda Roman Catholic Church
133 St. Sylvester’s College 1940 Kandy Roman Catholic Church
134 St. Anthony’s Balika MV 1940 Colpetty Roman Catholic Church
135 St. Anthony’s College 1942 Wattala Roman Catholic Church
136 Christ King College 1943 Tudella Roman Catholic Church
137 Loyola College 1949 Negombo Roman Catholic Church
138 St. Anthony’s Girls’ School 1951 Panadura Roman Catholic Church
140 St. Joseph’s College 1953 Nugegoda Roman Catholic Church
141 St. Thomas’ Preparatory School Colpetty Anglican Church
142 St. Thomas’ College Bandarawela Anglican Church
143 St. Thomas’ College Guruthalawa Anglican Church