Erected as Diocese of Trincomalee/Batticaloa, separating from the Archdiocese of Colombo in 1893, which is suffragan to the Archdiocese of Colombo. This diocese was made out of the diocese of Trincomalee and the diocese of Batticaloa. It was renamed as the Diocese of Trincomalee when the Diocese of Batticaloa was separated in 2012.


  • Most Rev. Dr. Noel Emmanuel

Diocesan Director of Education

  • Rev. Fr. Soosaimuthu Douglas James

Notable Schools

Name Year Location Age
St. Mary’s College 1864 Trincomalee 156
St. Joseph’s College 1867 Trincomalee 153
St. Michael’s College 1873 Batticaloa 147
St. Cecilia’s Girls’ College 1876 Batticaloa 144


  • Most Rev. Dr. Charles Lavigne SJ, Bishop of Trincomalee from 1898 – 1913
  • Most Rev. Dr. Gaston Robichez SJ, Bishop of Trincomalee from 1917 – 1946
    St. Angnes’ Convent, Balangoda
  • Most Rev. Dr. Ignatius Glennie SJ, Bishop of Trincomalee from 1947 – 1974
  • Most Rev. Dr. Leo Rajendram Antony, Bishop of Trincomalee from 1974 – 1983
  • Most Rev. Dr. Kingsley Swampillai, Bishop of Trincomalee from 1983 – 2015
  • Most rev. Dr. Noel Emmanuel, Bishop of Trincomalee from 2015 –